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35th Annual
Sweet Potato Festival

Vendor Information and Application

Vendor Pricing


One (1) 8’ Table
Two (2) chairs
8'x8' space

Prime Vendor

7 spaces available

One (1) 8’ Table
Two (2) chairs
Larger space

Low Risk Food

Sacramento County Environment fee

High Risk Food

Sacramento County Environment fee

General Guidelines & Application

The following items relate to the Pannell Center rental/usage. Please be aware of them as you plan your event. Review this list to make sure you are familiar with the guidelines that govern the operations at the center. Please feel free to make additional copies for your designated adult monitors, and catering crew.

  • DESIGNATE responsible adult helpers for your event. You are responsible for the behavior, actions, etc. of all the people attending your event. (It would be helpful to have several adult monitors that could anticipate potential problems and speak with participants before any situations develop.) Masking and scotch tape only (you must bring your own) for securing your decorations to the tables, walls, windows and stage area.
  • Table coverings must be used on events with food. Plastic, paper, or cloth are all acceptable
  • Metallic decoration sprinklers, glitter, confetti, rice and bird seed are not allowed at our facility. Please do not bring them. Cleaning fees will be charged for violations.
  • Please make sure all food and beverages are consumed in the space rented. This will eliminate unnecessary cleaning at the end of your event. You will be charged for excess mess in the restroom and lobby areas.
  • Do not attach anything to the stage curtains in any way.
  • Pursuant to City of Sacramento code 15.148.630, no banner, signs, or sandwich boards will be allowed to be posted on City Property to advertise your event.
  • Rented equipment must be delivered and picked up during your time frame. This facility does not allow rented tables and/or chairs. (Special needs must be discussed and approved by the Center Supervisor prior to your event). Storage fees will be charged for items left in the center after your event.
  • Caterer, DJ, and decorating committee MUST arrive during your rental time.
  • The Multi-Purpose Room Floor is a special material (Sponge-based). PERMIT HOLDERS will be charged $1.00 per piece of gum, after 5 pieces, found on the floor. Floor damage in the form of punctures or scratches will result in a forfeiture of your entire deposit.
  • City Noise Ordinance starts at 10:00 p.m. music volume must be lowered. Be considerate of our neighbors. Police will be summoned in the case of excessive loudness.
  • Open flames, such as candles, oil lamps and incense burning are not allowed.
  • No propane operated items of any kind may be used inside the center.
  • Sterno burners are allowed only underneath serving trays. Sterno cans must not be placed directly on the table, they must be up off the table surface. Hot plates or single burners are not permitted on the tables. They may be used in the kitchen only.
  • Fog machines are not allowed.
  • Special electrical needs must be discussed with the Center Supervisor prior to your event. Power cords may not be run along the floor unprotected. Small strips of Duct Tape will be allowed. Please remove ALL tape before leaving the facility.
  • Rooms must be left free of debris, mess, spills and stains. The City of Sacramento, Building Monitor will check out with you at the end of your event.
  • Sunflower seeds, gum and candy create clean up problems. It is your responsibility to clean these items and remove gum and candy from the rug and floors. Cleaning charges will be assessed.
  • If there are more than 10 balloons on the ceiling at the end of your event, a fee of $1.00 per balloon will be deducted from your cleaning deposit. Our monitor is the only person authorized to pop the balloons on the ceiling. If any balloons are unable to be popped by our monitors and those balloons set off the alarm in the building, permit holder will be charged the $110.00 alarm fee assessed to the City of Sacramento.
  • Remove all tape from tables and chairs, especially tape left from your table skirts.
  • No animals are allowed inside the center, except those assisting persons with disabilities.
  • No bicycles are allowed in the building. Please lock bicycles outside.
  • Electric or kerosene heaters are prohibited.
  • No smoking in ANY public facility. City Ordinance #67-022


To serve alcohol at your event, we require certain paperwork to be in place. If you do not have the necessary paperwork on file, you will not be able to have alcohol on the premises. If for some reason, we are made aware that there is alcohol being consumed, you will be asked to remove it from the premises or have it removed by one of your representatives. The City of Sacramento, Pannell Meadowview Community Center reserves the right to entirely close an event of alcohol violations.

As the permit holder/contact person, you will be the individual our Building Monitor looks for, if any sort of a situation or problem occurs. We hope nothing will happen to bring a negative light to our special event and it is better to have a plan of action in place, just in case. If an individual gets out of hand, and cannot be controlled by members of your group, the City Building Monitor has been instructed to call the Center Supervisor and the Park Safety Police.

Vendor Agrees to the Following Guidelines

  1. Agreement is due postdated by JANUARY 16th, 2024. To complete the Vendor’s Information page and to pay the $175 non-food vendor OR $190 Prime Vendor Space $290 FOR LOW RISK FOOD VENDORS AND $373 FOR HIGH RISK FOOD VENDORS which includes Sacramento County Environmental fee. This includes One (1) space (One Table and Two Chairs) as outlined above. One vendor per space.
  2. Checks shall be made payable to: SVS, NCNW, Inc.; in the memo put SPF Vendor Fee.
  3. To stay within the space allotted for my booth and vending and to be the only occupant and vendor of the (one) space allotted for my vending.
  4. Kitchen facilities are not to be used by vendors.
  5. Vendor may use a tent as the space allotted per specifications if outside.
  6. All vending merchandise and displays must be placed on tables within space allotted and all excess merchandise and boxes must be stored out of sight.
  8. There will be a $20.00 charge for vendors still present after 5:00 pm for any part of a 15-minute interval.
  9. There is no refund of vendor fees for “no shows” or cancellations for the space allotted.
  10. There will be a refund of $ 15.00 for prime locations once the seven spots have been taken. A check will be written and distribute the day of the event.
  11. Masking and scotch tape only.
  12. Table coverings must be used if using Samuel and Bonnie Pannell Community Center’s tables.
  13. If you bring in items that will be on the floor you must place a 3x3 or larger piece of cardboard under each corner that touches the ground.
  14. Do not drag anything across the floors.
  15. No person shall pass out any food samples who have not paid the food vendor fees to NCNW and the Sacramento County Environment Management Department.
By signing below you acknowledge that you have read all of the guidelines to participate in the 35th Annual Sweet Potato Festival.

Vendor Application

After submitting this form, you will be take to the payment form where you will selet the number and kind of spaces you need.Thank you.

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